Per information received from Federal Crop, Final Planting Dates are not extended due to unfavorable planting conditions.

Preventive planting payments can be made if an insured cause of loss results in there being NO way into the field. If there is ANY way to get into the field, for example driving out of your way to get to the field, you will be expected to plant if the field is dry enough.

If you planted the first crop and it has failed your options would be:

If it is not practical to replant back to the first crop:

The acreage may be left idle, or plant a second crop and not insure the second crop, you will receive full indemnity for the first crop.

You can plant and insure a second crop. Your premium on the first crop will be reduced to 35%. And you will only receive 35% of the loss payment.

If the second crop has no loss, we will need a letter from you stating that. Once we receive that letter the company will restore your premium on the first crop to 100% and you will receive the remaining balance of your loss payment.

If the second crop has a loss, the claim adjuster will figure which will pay more.

If it is practical to replant the first crop and it is not replanted, no coverage for the first crop will be provided.

If you replant the first crop a replanting payment will be made.

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