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Acreage Report Important Information

IMPORTANT: By signing the acreage report, you are responsible for all information listed, therefore ACCURACY IS IMPORTANT!!
ENTITIES: It is advised by the FSA office that any change of entities must be done there first before changing your crop insurance policy. All information MUST match.
NOTICE OF LOSS: Important, if a notice [...]

Attention! YP and RP Policy Information

Starting with the 2011 crop year, all CRC and RA policies have been combined into one policy now known as Revenue Protection (RP).
RP offers protection against loss of revenue due to a production loss, price decline or increase, or a combination of both available on coverage levels 50% to 75% (80% or 85% where applicable).
Also [...]


Per information received from Federal Crop, Final Planting Dates are not extended due to unfavorable planting conditions.
Preventive planting payments can be made if an insured cause of loss results in there being NO way into the field. If there is ANY way to get into the field, for example driving out of your way [...]

Final Plant Dates and Late Planting Period

Final plant date for Corn is 5/31/11 and late planting period is 20 days.
Final plant date for Soybeans is 6/20/11 and late planting period is 25 days.

Destroying Your Crop

Remember to always give your agent notice when you plan on cutting for silage or destroying any crop. If you destroy the crop without an appraisal from a claim adjuster, that is destroying the crop without consent and could eliminate you from collecting on any claims that could be filed.

Hail Coverage

At this time you might want to check on hail coverage. With the strange weather patterns we have been having you never know when a hail storm could come and damage your crop. You can take out coverage or increase coverage as long as your crop has not been hailed on. Remember, [...]

Plant Date Changes

With the planting season going strong at this time, we need to remind everyone of the change in the plant dates for Missouri:
The final plant date for corn is now May 31st. With the late
planting period reduced from 25 days to 20 days. You will

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